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October 2013

Sept 2013 HKCEC Grand Hall

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榮幸再次為康泰旅行社辨喜事, 今次跟Serenity Productions 合作非常愉快, 他們在舞台及燈光效果方面更是照顧有加! 最高興是又可跟十郎 (鄧梓峰) 同台演出, 我們當晚樂隊成員和歌手一共9人和十郎, 演唱了幾首經典英文金曲, 如 Stand By me, When I saw her standing there 等, 大家都聽出耳油, 我們更是彷如置身小型演唱會!!!

祝Tanya and Jason 百年好合, 永結同心 !


A hearfelt thankyou for a wonderful service

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Dear Pearl,

I must apologise for this belated thank you note. I would very much to
let you know that we are very very happy with your arrangement of
music. You have done a great job to fit in the songs appropriately
with the rundown.

Most of all, our friends enjoyed the music you provided and all have
excellent comments on the music performance. Indeed, many asked your
name card for recommendation. Many said they have not heard such
wonderful music in wedding banquet and how I can know you for this
evening event.

Pearl, your presence and passionate effort in providing beautiful
music to the guests are so deeply appreciated. I see your passion in
making everyone enjoying music through your eyes and careful attention
to us. I do not know how to thank you enough for your genuine and
sincere helpfulness in all preparation making this banquet a
successful one. I believe you will have more invitation from my
friends in future.

I was so busy that evening that I did not have time to enjoy your
music, please do send me a disc of the evening program for our
memories and keeping. I will enjoy as much as my friends did.

Special thanks again to you and your team. I like you to know money
can not buy such wonderful music that are from heart and passion. Your
music has added a new chapter in our lives, and sparkled in Salome and
Mikes’ lives as well.

7 Sept Four Seasons Hotel

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記得首次跟Auntie會面, 知道她對於女兒的婚禮相當關心。由場地佈置、枱花設計, 以至選擇樂器演奏及歌曲等, 她都會細心跟我分享。了解她的心意後, 我大膽地提出了另一idea。 我花了不少時間跟她洽談, 因為這跟她之前所想的大為不同。但我覺得, 我是有責任, 有能力去用最專業的角度跟她分析, 為她選擇最合適的歌曲種類及樂手。 慶幸最終得到Auntie的信任,  讓我們盡情發揮, 令所有賓客得以有個歡樂晚上

如我所料, 昨晚演出非常成功, 由音響燈光設計安排, 到所有歌曲鋪排演出, 以及即興選曲以配合現場氣氛等等, 效果確實完美, 而賓客熱情的投入, 和對我們熱烈的掌聲及欣賞, 更令我喜出望外!! 就算到送客時段, 他們仍不願意離開, 希望聽多幾首歌。作為一個婚禮音樂表演者, 看到賓客因為我們的演出而感動, 這不就是大家最希望見到的嗎? 我想更應該是能夠做到成功婚禮音樂的主要條件!!

再一次感謝台前幕後同事的努力, 酒店好友的照顧!!!

Thank you all very much, we did a great show again!!! Congrats to the newlyweds !!!

15 Sept Ritz Carlton

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Great show with Bob again !!!
Thank you all for your wonderful performance !!!
非常感謝Bob 在台上多次的讚賞, 聽返當晚 recording, 所有cue 位,大家夾得天衣無縫, 完全無得輸!!
唔知下次可唔可以真係請Bob上台同我地一齊jam 下呢?