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當Bob 遇上Unison

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星級司儀Bob Lam 林盛斌與Unison樂隊的精彩演出,Bob 更親身講述一隊出色及專業的樂隊所具備的條件,以及與司儀在婚禮上合作的重要性,請大家細心欣賞!

Charlotte and Jacky

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真心想多謝UNISON! 婚禮後到今日我仲收到朋友 compliments, 話當晚晚宴既氣氛好好, 其中更有人對我講, 未去過咁開心既婚禮! 我知道, 係因為有你地!

响搵Live Band 既過程中, 我地上網睇咗好多唔同Live Band既 Youtube Video, 最後發現唔係睇片就得, 一定要同Band溝通, 互相了解. 更加唔可只睇Rate card同Song list, 如果唔係同播碟無分別.

一隊好既Band, 係要將音樂融入晚宴中, 慢慢去滲透入氣紛之中, 呢樣野唔係隊隊Band都做得到, 要用經驗, 用心去留意賓客既反應, 要清楚賓客既 profile去選歌, 呢種”執生”技巧好難, 但阿Pearl同Unison完全無令我地失望, 係全team 人一齊做一齊夾,台前幕後做得好,有默契同好嘅management, 台上玩得開心,台下觀眾一定感受到.

婚禮既排場, 可以用價錢去堆砌, 但氣氛同賓客既投入就幾錢都買唔到! 係你地既performance裡面, 我睇到「專業」! 無論對樂器既要求 到演出 技巧 都要求最好最完美, 我睇得出你地既「熱誠」 以及對客人/宴會既尊重, 你地唔會只當係一個job, 更明白呢個係客人一生之中既大日子!
UNISON, 多謝你! 係你地令我地既回憶完滿!

Sept 2013 HKCEC Grand Hall

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榮幸再次為康泰旅行社辨喜事, 今次跟Serenity Productions 合作非常愉快, 他們在舞台及燈光效果方面更是照顧有加! 最高興是又可跟十郎 (鄧梓峰) 同台演出, 我們當晚樂隊成員和歌手一共9人和十郎, 演唱了幾首經典英文金曲, 如 Stand By me, When I saw her standing there 等, 大家都聽出耳油, 我們更是彷如置身小型演唱會!!!

祝Tanya and Jason 百年好合, 永結同心 !


1 June 2013 Four Seasons Hotel 方平先生與鮑姐女兒的婚禮

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榮幸的為方平先生及鮑姐女兒的婚禮演出, 呢個應該係近期最多眼淚的婚禮, 台上外父的感人致辭, 台下嘉賓無不動容。感激Eva and Ken 對我地嘅信任, 讓樂隊在氣氛方面發揮得淋漓盡緻!!
呢個Backdrop 佈置, 真係好靚…好靚….

Congrats to Eva and Ken again!!!!

Venue: Four Seasons Hotel
Photography: Photo by Ben
Vediography: Terry Focus
Decoration: Wedding Garden
Music Performance for ceremony and Banquet: Unison Production



Cocktail Music

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Do you desire the ultimate romantic atmosphere? Classical music is your answer.

Our string quartet will set the scene for your magical moments. We have an extensive series of classical numbers to meet your every wish. Piano solo will provide the highlight of the occasion, while harp music will provide a soft, ethereal touch.


Dinner Reception

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Looking for that unforgettable musical performance to carry the night?

A live band playing a wide repertoire of jazz, classical music, canto-pop and international pop is sure to bring everyone to their feet or to shed a tear. We put passion in every performance and suit the tone of the music to the moment. Whether intimate or majestic, our music will match your every emotion.


Corporate Event

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With our established track record, more and more of our clients are seeking our expertise and professional skills to undertake larger, more complex and higher profile events.

From the grandest birthday celebration of one of Hong Kong’s wealthiest individuals to the televised extravaganzas of Hong Kong’s premier media corporation, we consistently deliver services that exceed our clients’ expectations. While many are repeat clients, we pride ourselves on their word-of-mouth recommendations.


Music Production

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Unison Production has had extensive experience in the field of music composition and production.

Our work includes writing music for television advertisements and scores for movies. We have also penned theme songs for local television shows.

Our in-house studio features state-of-the-art professional equipment. Here our acclaimed musicians write and arrange original pieces for a variety of uses.

We also work regularly with local canto-pop artists. We have written numerous songs, as well as arranging scores for large-scale pop concerts in Hong Kong.


Wedding Ceremony

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If your service is traditional, our church music will put a ceremonial and heavenly note to your proceedings.

Our soprano vocalist is second to none, and you deserve nothing less that the very best. Let our organist provide you with a powerful and enduring message of love to all those present. Every piece is chosen by you, so that each song will possess your personal, heartfelt sentiment.