Killer Le Rouge x Alan Chan (Live performance and programming by Unison Production)

What a wonderful world (Unison Production – 1take LIVE)

If I ain’t got you – Unison Production 1take LIVE

我只在乎你 – Unison Production 1take LIVE

不要驚動愛情 – Unison Production LIVE

Beautiful in white (Violin)

Dreams come true – Live Recording March in music

Beautiful in white(Saxophone) – Live Recording March In Music

陪著你走 – Live Recording

You are my everything(太陽的後裔插曲) – Live Recording

Hero – Live Recording

Live Recording – Dream a little dream with Guitar solo

Live Recording – Always (太陽的後裔主題曲)

“婚”享音樂 Unison Production 與新人的真誠對話 (Part 2)~ Grateful Couples reminisce wedding melodies

“演藝30周年校友 研討. 論壇”預告篇: 勞佩珩的尊嚴

當Bob 遇上Unison

Grateful Couples reminisce wedding melodies (Part 1)

When I saw her standing there 鄧梓峰 X Unison

月亮代表我的心 – Unison Production Live Performance

愛是不保留 – Unison Production Live performance

LOVE – Unison Production Live performance