Unison Production Testimonial

Jessica and Calvin – Wedding live music in Repulse Bay

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Dear pearl,

I have to say thank you so much for your great band and the lovely voice from your singer, I had received many messages from friends that they all had a great afternoon and enjoy the party so much, some of them specially like your singer and all of the like the atmosphere.
Thanks, my mum, my family & Calvin were all actually had a great & wonderful time.
Thanks again, hope your people liked the wines too 🙂 and enjoyed the show !

Jessica and Calvin
Wedding date: Jan 2011 Repulse Bay

Nelly and Vincent – Wedding live music in Ritz Carlton

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4, Nelly and Vincent大日子當日的現場音樂,委託「Unison」公司負責,奏樂班底經驗豐富,專為酒店婚宴提供live music,也經常為大型宴會或明星名人派對演奏,奏樂全為香港人,歌手更有流利英語國語唱腔,老公跟我都不太喜歡菲律賓藉的班底,因為我希望婚禮的前半短時英文歌,後半段是jazz版的國語歌,好讓老一輩能夠聽出耳油,而且令賓客更為投入。

一間好的音樂公司,不會單純給你不停奏樂,反之是會為婚宴的不同時刻,氣氛情景去奏適當的音樂,隨賓客的現場反應而配合,賓客更可以即席上台jam 歌(不過當晚只有我爸非常有勇氣地演唱了一首《How can i tell her about you》)。

「Unison」公司除了提供音樂之外,更為我們的婚禮幫忙不少,因為負責人Pearl 給予我們很多很多寶貴的意見,才可以令我們的婚禮順利又完美,謝謝你。

Nelly and Vincent
Wedding date: Nov 2011 Ritz Carlton

Jacqueline and Jeff – Wedding live music in Peninsula and Intercontinental

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Dear Pearl,

We would like to thank you and your team to give us such a memorable wedding.

With your knowledge and your down to earth kindness makes our dream came to reality so easily… I would say there is no such band and team in Hong Kong like Unison. The spirit from the team shines from the performances and that’s what makes it special. I could tell instantly if Unison is performing in any wedding as there is no one like you guys…keep up the good work.

Jacqueline and Jeff, Garden Suite, Peninsula and Intercontinental, 09

Jackie and Conrad – Wedding live music in four seasons hotel

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Unison was the only music production house we visited and it is the ONE!

When it came to choose a wedding band, Conrad recalled the music of one wedding had left him vivid memories amongst the tremendous weddings he had been to during the past few years in Hong Kong. That’s Unsion!

After we chatted with Pearl for almost 2 hours, Conrad took out his credit card without any hesitation. Jackie was so surprised as this was merely the first music production house we visited. Conrad later told Jackie that he liked the way that Unison (Pearl) tried to get to know you in person and make a personal effort for your wedding.

It turned out our decision couldn’t be more right. The most comments we received from guests when we saw them off were “the music was great”, apart from “congratulations”. We felt there is absolutely nothing needs to be worried if you engage with Unison as your wedding band. The outcome will be far more excellent than your expectation.

Jackie and Conrad
Wedding date: Oct 2011 Four Seasons Hotel

Jamie and Gilson – Wedding Live Music in Conrad Hotel

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1, Jamie and GilsonI and my husband are strong believers that good music is the path to ones’ hearts and souls. We did not want any band that just play the music in the background for the mere purpose for lightening up the atmosphere in our wedding. Thanks Pearl and Unison Production for truly making our wedding into an unforgettable event to all of our guests and us. You have truly taken the time to listen to our needs, our preferences, our love story and translate all that into your wonderful music performance. I still remembered the wedding night that you have brought love and tears to our wedding and I will still say until today that you are the best wedding band in town. All the best in your future endeavors.

Jamie & Gilson
Wedding date: May 2006 Conrad Hotel