Song selections brought a lot of memories

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Hi Pearl,

The wedding on Sat went real successful and all guests were real happy. We have guests from every table saying the music was really good, and the song selections brought a lot of memories. Thank you for playing a major part of our wedding and making our wedding memorable to us and all of our guests.

Let’s catch up later for dinner with your husband and we can open a bottle of wine and enjoy it slowly.


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 Pudy Ao

Unison Production - Testimonial (Pudy Ao)


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但我收到好多朋友對你地既讚賞, 佢地都話果晚好正呀
再一次多謝你為我地既婚禮順利完成, good show
I love you Pearl
Pearl, 真係好高興認識到你

Please accept our hearty appreciation and thankfulness

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Dear Pearl & Band Members,

I would like to apologise for the belated thank you letter. Please accept our hearty appreciation and thankfulness to you and your team performed in our wedding reception on August 28, 2016. Your music was entertaining and romantic which suit precisely our wedding environment.

We particularly indebted to Pearl’s personal attention to the preparation of our wedding and your assistance to resolve some of the interpersonal relationship among the different parties.

We would definitely recommend your band performance in any social events. Wishing your band prosperity and success in the future.

With best regards,
June & Tommy Hung

用心製作音樂嘅live band

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上過Unison Production會面一次,感覺到佢地係一隊用心製作音樂嘅live band, 佢地會好細心安排同客人見面了解客人嘅音樂喜好, 婚禮主題,然後就會揀選適合嘅音樂比客人試聽,成個過程係好舒服同唔hardsell,而幾個vocalists 水準亦都好平均,係一間值得推推介嘅公司!

 Queenie Yu

Unison Production - Testimonial (Queenie Yu)


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當晚宴會安排 casual  得來不會令人覺得嘈嘈閉(一般飲宴),加上有 live  band ,但最好的是:最初唱一些抒情的慢歌,音量比較細,增加紛圍之餘,賓客又可傾談(有些喇叭大到吵耳,想聯誼下都不能)。又會休息一下,到中至後段,嘉賓已 warm up ,再唱些大家可以投入的歌,令氣紛更  high 。最特別的安排是:選曲由民歌、浪漫歌、70年代至90年代都有,照顧到在場所有人士,雖然散席時已是11:30,大家都依依不捨,未想離開,與平時去飲個個十點幾都已怱怱離場的情景截然不同,證明這是一個成功的婚宴❗

Best live band in HK

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Many thanks for your awesome performance on my wedding reception last Sat, I was shocked by no early departure of guests at the banquet. I also collected very positive feedback from them on your team’s performance. Pearl is a great leader and she helped me a lot and have me lots of advice, way more than just live band performance, big salute to her. Special thanks Ivan Leung 老師 for accompanying the song “I’m in Love!”. Wish you every success in the future! “Best live band in HK” 實至名歸!

 Matthew Cheung

Unison Production - Testimonial (Matthew Cheung)

Everyone asked us who the live band is

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Hello Pearl! Thank you so much again for all your great arrangement and great songs! Before tonight, I already had very high expectation on you guys! But you guys even exceeded it! Everyone asked us who the live band is 😍😍😍😍😍. Thank God so much for letting us find you guys. We are so  blessed to have you all in my brother’s wedding!!!! Love you all😘😘😘😘😘

I am happy the guests are all well entertained

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Hi Pearl,

Thanks for your professional team on my our wedding night and the feed back from our relatives and colleagues are exceptional. To be honest with you, I have missed the performance since I was too busy to enjoy the songs from the performer. However, I am happy the guests are all well entertained. Once again thanks for a million and really glad to become friends after all.

Charlotte and Jacky

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真心想多謝UNISON! 婚禮後到今日我仲收到朋友 compliments, 話當晚晚宴既氣氛好好, 其中更有人對我講, 未去過咁開心既婚禮! 我知道, 係因為有你地!

响搵Live Band 既過程中, 我地上網睇咗好多唔同Live Band既 Youtube Video, 最後發現唔係睇片就得, 一定要同Band溝通, 互相了解. 更加唔可只睇Rate card同Song list, 如果唔係同播碟無分別.

一隊好既Band, 係要將音樂融入晚宴中, 慢慢去滲透入氣紛之中, 呢樣野唔係隊隊Band都做得到, 要用經驗, 用心去留意賓客既反應, 要清楚賓客既 profile去選歌, 呢種”執生”技巧好難, 但阿Pearl同Unison完全無令我地失望, 係全team 人一齊做一齊夾,台前幕後做得好,有默契同好嘅management, 台上玩得開心,台下觀眾一定感受到.

婚禮既排場, 可以用價錢去堆砌, 但氣氛同賓客既投入就幾錢都買唔到! 係你地既performance裡面, 我睇到「專業」! 無論對樂器既要求 到演出 技巧 都要求最好最完美, 我睇得出你地既「熱誠」 以及對客人/宴會既尊重, 你地唔會只當係一個job, 更明白呢個係客人一生之中既大日子!
UNISON, 多謝你! 係你地令我地既回憶完滿!

A hearfelt thankyou for a wonderful service

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Dear Pearl,

I must apologise for this belated thank you note. I would very much to
let you know that we are very very happy with your arrangement of
music. You have done a great job to fit in the songs appropriately
with the rundown.

Most of all, our friends enjoyed the music you provided and all have
excellent comments on the music performance. Indeed, many asked your
name card for recommendation. Many said they have not heard such
wonderful music in wedding banquet and how I can know you for this
evening event.

Pearl, your presence and passionate effort in providing beautiful
music to the guests are so deeply appreciated. I see your passion in
making everyone enjoying music through your eyes and careful attention
to us. I do not know how to thank you enough for your genuine and
sincere helpfulness in all preparation making this banquet a
successful one. I believe you will have more invitation from my
friends in future.

I was so busy that evening that I did not have time to enjoy your
music, please do send me a disc of the evening program for our
memories and keeping. I will enjoy as much as my friends did.

Special thanks again to you and your team. I like you to know money
can not buy such wonderful music that are from heart and passion. Your
music has added a new chapter in our lives, and sparkled in Salome and
Mikes’ lives as well.

Tweety and Billian’s thank you card

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Thanks so much , Tweety and Billian!!!

好高興收到您們的Thank you card and picture, 多謝您們的信任, 讓我們當晚的表現可以盡情發揮!!! 還記得大家當晚玩得不亦樂乎, 台上台下打成一遍, 我們與各婚禮單位也合作得天衣無縫!! 非常喜歡這幾張照片, 真係影得好靚!!! Thanks Simon soooo much !!!